It’s the little things…

22 Mar

Here are just a few things that have been brightening my days as of late:
new nails
Standing my ground as [one of] J. Crew‘s best consumers, I couldn’t resist their tempting selection of Essie nail polish as I neared the register (with my two on-sale tops in hand!). I quickly swiped my thumb with the sample of “Punchy Pink” and immediately wondered how I’d been living all of my life without it. What’s another $8.00, right?

verdict: I love the shocking neon pink (think highlighter–much brighter than as pictured). I have to admit: this was my first venture away from OPI and I was not impressed by the consistency and application of Essie. I was pleasantly surprised by the matte finish, although my boyfriend noted that my nails look as if they were painted with Wite-Out. Some strange Punchy Pink Wite-Out, that must be. Well, I love it. And that’s what’s important, right? Now, I’m trying to convince myself this is an appropriate hue for my internship interview on Tuesday…
next: new beverage
Lured in by a taunting Buy One Get One coupon from Whole Foods, I purchased a 4-pack of Steaz [zero calorie] Sparkling Green Tea. (I really am a sucker for these marketing ploys–nail polish by the register, “coupons,” etc.) My two flavors of choice? Blueberry pomegranate and Black cherry. I didn’t look at the nutritional info until I started sipping an ice-cold blueberry pomegranate, and I can safely say I’ll be splurging on these naturally sweetened teas again! These babies pack a whopping 500% of your daily B6, 833% of your daily B12, 100% of your daily folic acid, and 20% of your daily vitamin C. And, most importantly, they taste great!
I can’t wait to try the other flavors–Orange, Raspberry, Lemon Lime, Rootbeer….Mmm, tastes like summer!
Coming Soon…
Be expecting a “Day in the Eats” post–it’s been a long time coming. And be on the lookout for a product review featuring the highly acclaimed VitaTops. I, for one, am really hoping they live up to the hype at a whopping $4.99/pack of 4!

One Response to “It’s the little things…”

  1. a lovely being March 22, 2010 at 8:14 pm #

    I'm so like you– I'll try anything J. Crew suggests! It looks like it would be a great summer pedicure color 🙂 XO fallon

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